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Lovingkindness or Metta meditation is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years. It has its roots in the Buddhist tradition, but anyone can benefit from this simple yet powerful daily ritual. 

Begin by preparing your morning tea, coffee, etc. with intention. Take deep breaths and focus on how the warmth feels, the aroma smells––engage all your senses and remain present while you work. Sit quietly even just for a moment, taking deep breaths, and repeat the mantra first for yourself: 

"May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be at ease."

Then call someone you love (or, even better: someone you're with whom you're frustrated) to mind:

"May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be at ease."

Breathe deeply, sipping your drink with intention. Feel the warmth. 

Expand the mantra out further––to you both, to your family, your friends, and the world. 

"May we be happy. May we be well. May we be safe. May we be at ease." 

Come back to this practice, using it as a breath prayer any time you need during the day.

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