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"one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - carl jung

in order to overcome our darkness, we have to first be brave enough to acknowledge it exists. integration, wholeness, and strength follow this courage. and then something amazing happens. we become soft enough to confront the darkness, pain, and suffering of the world. this is the purpose of healing work. 

wood betony (pictured in this design) is a plant that has a long-standing reputation as an amulet against dark forces and negative energy. paul beyerl says, 

"it was once planted on sacred ground, particularly about churches and was sometimes planted in graveyards. it is believed to offer the power to protect one against the darkest fears and the demons which arise out of one's own emotions and imaginations." 

  • 100% vinyl with 3M glue backing
  • glossy finish
  • for indoor use
  • not waterproof

shed light on the dark square sticker

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