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what is reiki?

reiki is a subtle body healing technique that brings balance to your energy centers. in english, what does that mean? reiki is based on the belief that everything has a subtle energy. everything in our universe is in a state of constant motion, or vibration. even objects that seem still are actually vibrating at different frequencies. these concepts of subtle energy or frequency and vibration are central to understanding how reiki facilitates healing. many ancient medicine systems are built on the concept of this life force informing everything in our existence. the vedic sages refer to it as prana. in taoist philosophy, it's called qi.


your body is a complex system of energy centers (and channels) through which subtle energy flows. each one of these centers vibrates at its own unique frequency. when these frequencies are balanced and in harmony, energy flows smoothly throughout the body, promoting health and well-being. however, when there are disruptions or blockages in these frequencies, it can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease.

reiki energy is the high-frequency universal life force energy that is channeled during a reiki session. when reiki energy moves through you, it is a subtle yet powerful force that can help gently guide your energy back to proper alignment and stimulate the body's natural healing processes. therefore, the goal of reiki is to align your energy centers, allowing them to vibrate at their optimal frequency to support the body's innate healing processes, help alleviate pain, reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance emotional well-being, and contribute to overall health and spiritual fulfillment. 

reiki does not depend on belief – in it or in any particular dogma – to work. in fact, reiki is effective whether we believe it to be so or not. of course, your willingness, acceptance, and belief can only aid the process, as we know our mindset directly impacts our physiology. the depth and effectiveness of healing is variable because reiki energy can never manipulate or infringe upon free will. therefore, we simply ask all that is ready to be healed will be healed and all that is ready to be released will be released with gratitude. it's a beautiful process to witness, and i can't wait for you to experience it for yourself. 

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