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welcome to bloom.

where plant wisdom, root cause therapy, and compassion meet. 

practical, actionable steps to reclaim your health with an emphasis on compassion.

i never know how to start things like this without sounding like an infomercial, but... seriously: do you struggle with chronic mental, emotional, or physical discomfort? if you're interested in finding the root of your health and wellness concerns, you've landed in the right place.

i love to see suffering end. and i love to watch the light come back on in people's eyes. i specialize in helping those of us who feel helpless and hopeless find their first right step, and then the next one and the next one. my promise to you is you won't have to do this alone. i'm here for you. 

planting seeds

planting the seeds of balance;

where there is affliction, there is medicine.

at bloom apothecary, i believe in the profound healing power of balance. put another way, i believe that an inner reconciliation of all the parts that make up your whole will allow for the unified and authentic expression of your soul. together, we'll dig to the roots, find a wellspring of vitality, and alleviate your troubling symptoms along the way. this is the purpose of true holistic healing–mind, body, spirit: to find wholeness.

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harvesting the fruits of wholeness.

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reiki healing.

reiki is a subtle energy practice that uses light physical touch, hovering hands, or can even be performed remotely. it encourages stress relief, relaxation, and healing at all levels. many cultures and religions around the world believe in the laying on of hands for healing or blessing purposes. although it's unique, i feel reiki falls generally into this category, and it's a personal favorite practice of mine. it's often used to complement other medical and mental health treatments but is also beautifully effective at promoting healing and transformation in its own right. 

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herbal remedies.

while i do craft general support blends and regularly tincture single herbs that work for a wide variety of people (milky oats for everyone!), i believe in a more personalized approach to plant medicine. i specialize in crafting and recommending herbal remedies to support your unique well-being. i don't simply match herb to symptom, using them for what they're "good for." rather, i find joy in handpicking plants specific for your constitution to create remedies that won't waste your time and money or worse–cause you further imbalance.


health consulting.

as an integrative health practitioner, i've studied under a doctor of naturopathy in functional, orthomolecular, bioregulatory, ayurvedic, traditional chinese, and herbal medicine practices. as a holistic herbalist, addressing the whole person is sacrosanct, so again, i don't just "administer plants;" i give herbs to a person with a body, mind, and spirit. nobody really gets sick from an herb deficiency, so while i love plants and use them often for support, most of the time we actually need to address diet, stress, etc. while using herbs for support. i'm here to help you find and take those steps in a way that's manageable and practical–coaching always with compassion.

get in touch.

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located inside mindful counseling & wellness center

2449 fort worth dr, denton, tx 76205

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind."


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